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Ryan, DUI

This was my first time in need of an attorney’s help. I thought I was safe to drive home after a few drinks with friends and family only to be pulled over for a broken tail light. Next thing I know I’m ticketed with a DUI. I felt comfortable with Mike from the first time I met him. I had already met with a few attorneys who made me feel like they could not care less about my situation and were only out to take my money. I am very happy with the outcome and felt like Mike went the extra mile to get me the best result. I would not hesitate to recommend Mike to any friend or family member in need of his services. 

Joyce, Criminal Defense

I call Mike the FIRST time when my son had a minor legal trouble. He was courteous, and sympathetic. He explained the steps that he would be going through and stayed in contact with me through out the process. Then my son got into a more serious issue, and the court appointed attorney wasn't doing anything,so I called Mike again. Step by step he was there,explaining,encouraging and supporting us through the whole process. He seems mild mannered, and easy going…until he gets to court. Then he becomes the attorney that you want and need. He stayed in contact often, and explained every step that we would be going through. I hope to never need a attorney again, but if i do, Mike will be the first one I call. 

Jennifer, Attorney

Mike provides fantastic representation to his clients.  I have seen him go above and beyond in the pursuit of representing his clients and defending their rights time and again.  

Desire, Criminal Defense

Mike Harris is a wonderful lawyer! You can definitely tell I was dealing with someone with experience. He was able to get and awesome deal on what seemed like a hopeless case. I would recommend his services and he will be handling my legal affairs from now on! 

Sarah, Criminal Defense

As a former client, I was extremely fortunate to hire Mr. Harris and found him to be a phenomenal attorney. His knowledge, professionalism and abilities allowed him to get an outstanding result for me in cases that were convoluted between civil, criminal and military issues. It even led to the courts in Colorado ruling in a way that is not customary. If you need a dedicated attorney who has effective communication skills and respect for your situation, Mr. Harris is your attorney.

Steve, Colorado Springs

I have been doing prosecution and defense work for over forty years.  Mike was also a former prosecutor before becoming a defense attorney.  This gives Mike the ability to see both sides of a case and determine which is the best way to proceed for the benefit of the client.  I find Mike to be very conscientious and through in his case preparation and an excellent trial attorney. I have recommended several people to Mike for various criminal problems and he was able to bring their cases to the proper conclusion. 


Mike, Criminal Defense

Mike and his staff are worth every penny. Real great lawyer. Thank you mike!!!

Gary, Appeal

Michael is an excellent attorney with tremendous research skills for appeals and he is knowledgeable concerning the law. As a former prosecutor he knows how to prepare for trial and to effectively present a defense for his client. I have hired him to assist on cases and referred clients to him and always had excellent results.  

Mark, Attorney

As a fellow attorney, I have worked with Mike on many of my own cases.  He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and works diligently in his case preparation.  I have no hesitation in saying he is one of the best trial attorneys in the business.  Mike is also, without a doubt, one of the most respected, dedicated and hard-working attorneys in his field.