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 A DUI is not a simple matter. Often, these are highly complex cases with scientific evidence and expert testimony. Mr. Harris  has handled thousands of DUI cases throughout the State of Colorado.  He has taken many of the toughest DUI cases to trial and in many of these cases he has obtained verdicts of "Not Guilty."  While Mr. Harris never fears a trial, he also looks to find reasonable options prior to trial so that, if possible, his clients may go about their daily lives (without the stress and cost of prolonged litigation).

Traffic Violations


Traffic tickets can mean hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in penalties and increased insurance costs. A major traffic violation conviction may result in driver's license suspension or revocation, fines, mandatory classes and/or jail time.  We defend all types of traffic tickets, including: reckless/careless driving, speeding, exhibition of speed, hit and run, texting while driving, Commercial Driving License (CDL) violations, and Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO).  Mr. Harris has handled thousands of traffic cases and is often able to favorably resolve the case without the client ever having to go to court.

Drug Charges


In 2013, all Colorado drug laws and their sentencing structures changed. Therefore, this area of the law has become extremely complicated and confusing. If you are facing a narcotics charge in the State of Colorado, it is crucial that you consult with a Colorado attorney who is highly experienced at handling drug and narcotics cases. Mr. Harris has over two decades of experience defending against drug charges (of all kinds). He has extensive knowledge of the Colorado drug laws-- including what kind of charges you are likely to face and which defense strategies have the best chance of working in your situation.

Sex Crimes Defense


Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Colorado and in the United States as a whole.  A sex crime conviction can carry harsh penalties.  A mere allegation can do irreparable damage to your reputation and has the potential to literally ruin your life.  Being arrested for a sex crime will disrupt your entire life and put you in the most serious legal jeopardy, You may feel embarrassed or ashamed if you’re accused of a sex crime, even if the allegations aren’t true, Don't  let those feelings  stop you from seeking out top quality legal representation.  Mr. Harris and his team have handled many cases involving serious allegations  of criminal sexual conduct.  Each of the cases are handled compassionately and with a non-judgmental approach.  Mr. Harris is never afraid to mount an aggressive and assertive defense in or out of court. He has years of experience successfully handling sex crime cases. 


Violent Crimes Defense


Violent crimes can mean assault, arson, armed robbery, and other more specific crimes, but in all cases, if you are convicted of a violent crime charge, the penalties will most likely be severe and life altering. A violent crimes charge can be associated with any number of offenses, and each case is unique and brings with it its own set of circumstances and variables.  Mr. Harris  has years of experience representing clients charged with violent crimes, including:




Vehicular Assault


Armed Robbery

Weapons Charges

Aggravated Robbery


Domestic Violence Defense


Colorado domestic violence laws and punishments can ruin families (often more than the heated family arguments that involve police). If arrested on a Domestic Violence charge, you may be ordered to move out of your own home and not see your spouse and kids.  Nearly any crime in Colorado can be charged with a domestic violence "sentencing enhancer," but some of the most common crimes that are  charged as DV are:

Domestic violence harassment 

Domestic violence assault 

Domestic violence battery 

Domestic violence threats 

Domestic violence false imprisonment

Domestic violence criminal trespass

We can guarantee that Mr. Harris will apply his years of experience in this area to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your family.  

Juvenile Crimes Defense


You want to support your child but you also want him or her to learn accountability and to grow into an adult who lives by the rules of society.  Mr. Harris has spent years defending underage juveniles charged with crimes in criminal court. He knows how to mount an aggressive defense for the child and protect his or rights (while at the same time staying supportive and respectful of the parents).  In these cases, we never lose sight of the ultimate goal:  reunite the children with their parents. Defense attorneys are there to protect your child's rights and to fight for a fair and favorable outcome to your child's case.  Juvenile convictions can have serious consequences and may prove difficult to expunge in the future.  Furthermore, sex crimes, and violent crimes will often "stick"  to a child's record and wind up hurting his her chances at job and/or education opportunities.  Schedule a free consultation with Mr. Harris and he will be happy to discuss your child's case and the steps he would take to protect his or future.  

Probation Violations


If you feel that you have been cited with a violation unfairly, you do have a right to a hearing in front of a judge.   Our office routinely represents clients at probation violation hearings. In our experience, some probation officers are too demanding or are just unfair in how they are applying the terms of probation.  We are all human.  He has helped clients accused of  both "technical" violations and "substantive" violations. Technical violations are violations like missing an appointment, not finishing classes or community service, or testing positive on a drug or alcohol test (technical violations can actually be very serious and can result  in jail or prison). "Substantive" violations occur when someone on probation is accused of committing a new criminal offense. These types of violations are also very serious and can also result in harsh penalties.  Mr. Harris is available for a free consultation.  He will review your rights with you and he will explain how he approaches these types of cases. 

Illegal Search and Seizure


Mr. Harris has successfully litigated challenges to police road stops, driving arrests, homes/businesses/person searches, drugs/paraphernalia tests, school locker searches, search warrants, illegal police profiling, vehicle searches, and DUI checkpoints.  If you believe your rights were violated,  you have the option of scheduling a free consultation with Mr. Harris.   Everyone has rights (especially those accused of crimes).    Mr. Harris is highly experienced in both areas and offers free consultations for all criminal defense cases.  Whether you choose to consult with Mr. Harris or any other experienced criminal defense attorney, remember NEVER to speak with the police or prosecutor without first talking to your own qualified attorney.  

Protecting Gun Rights


Colorado, as a Western State, has a long history of respect and appreciation of individual rights. The right to bear arms (guaranteed by the Second Amendment) is held in high regard in this part of the country.  Hunting, target shooting and  defense of one's property and loved ones represent legitimate uses of firearms and such uses are protected by the US Constitution.   Colorado has a long and proud tradition of responsible use of firearms.  Responsible gun ownership is an important part of Colorado's history and culture.   If you are a responsible firearm owner who's right to bear arms is being challenged by the government, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  If you are facing any type of gun charge or any charge involving violence (even misdemeanor) your rights as a gun owner could be taken away from you (possibly forever).  Mr. Harris has extensive experience dealing with crimes involving firearms.  He has successfully represented many Colorado gun owners who were in danger of losing their firearm rights.  

Bail and Arrest


Circumstances may change such that a lower bond is appropriate, or a different and more sympathetic The bond amounts are at least loosely based upon the bond schedules established by the court in which you are charged.

 If you have an outstanding warrant, you should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to assess your situation and to get a sense of what range of bond amounts to expect. It is a standard condition of bond that the defendant not travel outside the State of Colorado. A defense attorney can file a motion requesting that you be granted specific permission to travel out of the state while out of custody on a bond. Mr. Harris has helped hundreds of clients improve their conditions of pretrial release and has successfully achieved lower bond amounts in many of those cases.  We offer free consultations for all criminal defense matters (including bond/pretrial release conditions).  Call us and we will be happy to review the facts and circumstances of your particular situation.  

Harassment Charges


Harassment cases are some of the most challenging cases we handle.  We have found that Colorado Harassment laws are some of the hardest for juries to understand.  The law states that a person commits harassment in Colorado when with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another person, he or she strikes, shoves, or kicks him or her, or follows a person in a public place, or directs an obscene gesture or language at him or her.  Someone can also be charged with harassment when he or she initiates computer or phone conversation with that person with the intent to insult, taunt, threaten, or annoy him or her. Most challenging is when harassment is charged as an act of domestic violence.   We take these case very seriously and have a record of achieving very favorable results for our clients.  If you are facing a Harassment charge in the State of Colorado, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  We offer free consultations for all criminal defense matters (including Harassment). 

Theft and Economic Crimes


Mr.Harris has years of experience defending theft and economic cases.  He achieved favorable outcomes for clients charged with burglary, sophisticated economic crimes (white collar crimes), identity theft, fraud, racketeering, embezzlement, conversion of property, employee theft, theft by receiving, shoplifting, mail theft and 

forgery and forged checks. Most of these crimes are considered "crimes of moral turpitude" by banks, lenders, employers, landlord, and government agencies. If you schedule a free consultation with Mr. Harris, he will explain the immediate steps he can take to address these very serious allegations.  If hired, our firm will work with you to achieve the best outcome possible with the goal of preserving your freedom and restoring your reputation.  

Federal Charges

Federal charges are often more serious than charges filed in Colorado state court, and federal prose

Federal charges are often more serious than charges filed in Colorado state court, and federal prosecutors are among the toughest and most experienced (many of them are former "star" state district attorneys).  In addition, the FBI agents who help prosecute federal crimes often  investigate their cases for years and often have more resources than state and local law enforcement. Mr. Harris  is licensed to practice in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.  We represent clients facing all types of federal charges.  Mr. Harris has achieved favorable outcomes for clients charged in federal court with drug crimes (including drug-trafficking), economic crimes, weapons violations. public corruption, racketeering. fraud, mail theft, and extortion.  If hired,  our firm will  take the immediate steps to necessary to preserve your rights and ensure you are thoroughly prepared to make your best case in the complex and challenging environment that is federal criminal court. 

Municipal Crimes and Misdemeanors

Possibly the most underrepresented group of crimes in Colorado is municipal crimes. There are no fel

 So many make the mistake of going to court and taking the "first deal" offered by the district attorney (without ever consulting with an attorney).   These defendants are often happy to sign the deal because they being presented offers with no fines or jail times.  In their haste to "get the case over with" they assume they can represent themselves.  But, many of these charges ARE real criminal convictions.  Even if there is no jail or fine, pleading guilty will result in a criminal conviction and criminal record.  This can lead to all kinds of adverse effects and actions (from failing background checks associated with a job to having one's driving privileges revoked).    Mr. Harris has represented thousand of clients charge with municipal crimes and misdemeanors.  Our firm takes all cases and charges very seriously (from the 1st Degree Murder to a speeding ticket).   We know that municipal crimes  and misdemeanors are not always as minor as they seem.   Mr. Harris has gotten many charges dismissed or prosecution of the case deferred where the initial plea offer was conviction (adjudication). 

Restraining/Protection Orders


Restraining orders and orders of protection are meant to protect abused people from their abusers; however, like any legal action, they can be mistakenly applied. When this happens, family members may be wrongfully restrained from being in their own homes. If you or a loved one are facing such a situation, you should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.  Even if you do not agree with the restraining order, if one is in effect (even temporarily) you must follow it to the letter or you will very likely be arrested and  be criminally charged for the violation.  Mr. Harris is a former state prosecutor who understands the court system and judges' criteria for issuing and extending restraining orders.

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